SG Large

Simon has been a medical researcher for about thirty years and has not had formal art training. However, he took sculpture classes at the Waverley Woollahra Art Centre some years ago and since 2011 has been to the Tom Bass Sculpture Studio School. There he has mostly carved sandstone. He also participated in workshops on limestone carving with Paul Hopmeier and sculpting with found objects with Anita Larkin. As another interest he has been involved in establishment of three Japanese-like gardens including one at Neuroscience Research Australia. He and his wife Julie maintain a number of bonsai trees.

This portfolio displays some of Simon Gandevia’s sculptural efforts including brief biographical notes and a snapshot of his work in stone, wood, and other media. Each week Simon adds another piece to his ‘2 Minute Sculpture Series’, challenging himself to create interesting forms in a compressed period of time (taking only one photo).

Special thanks to colleagues who have helped with all this: Anne Graham for most of the photos, and Hillary Carter and Dave Menardo for loads of advice and more.

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